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Thread: Colts OLB Jerry Hughs for CB Kyle Wilson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Much ado about Nothing View Post
    F the pass rusher...Cowboys have Ware and Vikings have Allen, yet both teams suck in coverage so bad it doesn't even matter.

    I'm looking at Lawson because he's a freak athletically and he's one of the few 3-4 OLBs in this league who plays the pass in coverage with competence. One thing I hate is this assumption that the 3-4 OLB mut be a sack monster to be useful against the pass...I've seen enough Lawson to know he's a very valuable player against the pass for the 49ers.

    Agreed that he's also excellent against the run, which is icing and shows he's worthy of getting a starter caliber contract on the FA market.
    I'm all for keeping Wilson and picking up some FA like Lawson or Wimbley to shore up the anemic passrush

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Straw View Post
    Why do we need Jerry Hughes when our pass-rushing OLB/DE spot is being occupied by future Hall of Famer Vernon Gholston? Makes no sense.

    - Bitonti


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