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Thread: Prospect comparisons

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    Prospect comparisons

    Nobody ever actually likes these, but it's always fun to do and something interesting always gets said, maybe.

    Rodney Hudson -Ben Grubbs - Easy.

    Robert Quinn - Terrell Suggs
    Blaine Gabbert - Andrew Luck-lite - That's why everyone's dry humping his leg right now. Luck dumped us so it's on to the guy who's as big and physically talented, but otherwise isn't all that close.
    Jonathan Baldwin - Plaxico Burress - Maybe even moreso now that maturity is an issue.
    Julio Jones - Andre Johnson-lite or Reggie Williams - I think he's going to be better than Green hence the Johnson-lite. Reggie Williams is there because he could just not be good. Talent is big time, and personally the hands issue is overblown.
    Cameron Heyward - Richard Seymour - I'm only putting this one because he's the best pure 3-4 end prospect in a while.
    Nick Fairley - Albert Haynesworth - I can't wait to see what happens when they start talking money with him.
    Clint Boling - Trevor Canfield - I'm really high on him as a sleeper OL, but like Canfield will probably float around as an inside the league OL prospect until he sticks or quits.
    Robert Sands - Adrian Wilson - Always refreshing to see a jumbo safety who plays fast, mean, and aggressive.
    Kenny Tate - Kerry Rhodes - I picked him in a thread a while back because I bought his 15 minutes. His willingness to hit in the NFL will decide if he becomes the player he can become.
    Rahim Moore - Louis Delmas - One of the new safeties who don't hit big, but can wrap up well and also make plays on the ball.
    Cameron Jordan - Shaun Ellis - LDE in a 4-3 who can start as a 3-4 DE and still provide a pass rush.
    Greg Romeus - Justin Tuck - I have no clue.
    Jabaal Sheard/Ryan Kerrigan and maybe Cliff Matthews - Calvin Pace
    Nate Solder - Joe Staley
    Christian Ballard - Ty Warren - Prepare to become a fan of this guy. He moves extremely well, and he was the best player on Iowa's overrated/touted DL last year.
    Greg Little - Anquan Boldin - My gut keeps telling me he's a producer as a rookie.
    Jerrell Powe - Jason Ferguson
    Jarvis Jenkins/Terrell McClain/maybe Adrian Taylor - Sammie Lee Hill - Thats if things turns out well...will get drafted as a developmental guy wherever he goes (I guess 4-5) and if he comes along well he'll become a good NT. Upside is a Kris Jenkins type career.
    Kendrick Ellis - If put into a 3-4 as a DE picture what Gerard Warren gave the Pats this year, but from someone younger who might get better.
    Christian Ponder - Drew Brees - A couple inches taller and he's my #1 QB. Mechanically, fundamentally, and athletically he's a very sound QB.
    Prince Amukamara - Terrence Newman-lite
    Patrick Peterson - Darrelle Revis-lite
    Anthony Castanzo - Doug Free
    Derrick Sherrod - Chris Samuels
    Tyron Smith - Winston Justice - Awesome athlete =/ high end OT prospect. I was fooled once with Justice...Kalil > Smith.
    Kyle Rudolph - Shockey?
    Torrey Smith - Donte Stallworth - Could be Roddy White. I could see the Jets giving him first round looks as a 2011 #3 WR and a future #2 maybe even 1 starter in the mold of White.

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    Good stuff there. The player who most reminds me of Plaxico Burress right now is McNutt of Iowa.

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    I see Julio Jones as more of a Braylon Edwards.

    Christian Ponder is a great prospect IMO, but I don't see Drew Brees in him. Maybe Aaron Rodgers with less arm strength.

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    Maybe Aaron Rodgers with less arm strength.
    That's what I said! Drew Brees!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Much ado about Nothing View Post
    That's what I said! Drew Brees!
    Brees is a midget and not nearly as talented running the ball as Ponder/Rodgers.

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    Ponder= Pennington
    J. Jones= B. Edwards
    Peterson= Woodson (bigger than Revis)

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    I can see Pennington for Ponder. I think he's got a better arm, but Pennington after 2 surgeries obviously had no arm and that's how I, like many, best remember him.


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