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Thread: Jets scouts were all over Eric Hagg at practice this morning

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    Hagg looked good in drills this morning... he's smart... uses good technique... i could see this guy in Rex's D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    Hagg looked good in drills this morning... he's smart... uses good technique... i could see this guy in Rex's D.
    Please tell me you and CB met up...

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    Well wonder if they will draft him since they are so high on him!? Wouldn't be a surprise as they were fawning on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetOrange View Post
    Ton of players from Nebraska this year, possibly Callahan has some inside information... Any thoughts or comments on these Huskers ?

    I am very curious about Paul, both Safeties could be Jets, what do you think ?
    1. Prince Amukamara (sp) CB - awesome, but no chance

    2. Mike McNeil TE - he was a good pass catching TE till this last year. don't know why they basically filtered him out of the offense

    3. Dejon Gomes Safety - ballhawk. the type of db that goes for the pick. sound tackler. can give the big hit. he played a lot of LB (like hagg) this year. good at both run defense and pass defense, but i would want hagg over him.

    4. Alex Henery PK - i already have another thread on him. love him as both punter and kicker. i want the jets to draft him. i know he can do both very well (kicking is outstanding though), and i would want him to do both on the team. oh, we need to replace both... bad.

    5. Roy Helu RB - i like him a lot. he's not your typical fast rb, or power rb, or shifty rb. he's skill seems to be that he has good vision for a rb. he seems to be able to read a defense and find the holes. don't know if we have the room for him if LT stays, and don't know if i'd want our rb core to be greene, helu, and mcknight if LT goes, so don't see it happening here.

    6 Pierre Allen DE - decent player. seems to get overpowered more than not.

    7.Keith Williams OG - honestly don't know.

    8. Niles Paul WR - awful. he has the look and he has the skill set, but he is awful. most husker fans are laughing at the idea of him being drafted. seriously. i can't pinpoint his problem, but he's awful. terribly unreliable. he drops catches (the most important catches too. every husker fan holds their breathe if a pass gets thrown in his general direction), he fumbles, and his biggest problem? doesn't get open. unable to get separation. i don't like him at all.

    9. Ricky Henry OG - like williams, just don't know.

    10. Eric Hagg SS - love him. want him the most on the jets (with henery right behind him on that list). i can see rex being able to use hagg the best too. hagg is the guy that is so good that they created a whole new defensive scheme (at least new to the team) to get him on the field and best use his talents. he was used as a nickel corner a lot. he was used as a LB a lot. he was used as a safety a lot. and he pretty much floated in between those positions on the field, and you never really knew what he was going to do. i would like to use him most as a safety, but throw him in as nickel would work too. he CAN get beat deep on the sideline as a corner, so i would keep him on the inside. with all that said, i bet rex see's a lot of doug plank in him, and i bet rex would salivate at having a totally hybrid player like this on his defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gangGREENinsider View Post
    Please tell me you and CB met up...
    You didn't hear? They met in the pit for an epic battle. I am getting conflicting reports as to who one lol


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