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Thread: Hampur PSA

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    Just to split a car in 2 is insane.
    I actually saw the immediate aftermath of a crash where the car's halves ended up on opposite sides of a country road. Long story short, a kid took a turn at high speed, skidded out of control, and had the bad luck to find the only big structure in the neighborhood, an abandoned railroad station house. Apparently the car hit the corner of the building at an angle, the rear end of the car flying off in one direction and landing in a ditch. Must have been doing some serious mphs for that to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    F*cking A. Just insanity.

    People always drive outside the limits of their vehicles...and they usually test those limits on streets with other traffic. My old man took me to empty parking lots when he was teaching me to drive and showed me how to do donuts and burnouts. The first time it snowed when I was 16, he took me to a mall parking lot and let me screw around for 2 hours...using the e-brake, oversteering, understeering, etc. told me to slam the gas to the floor and then mash on the brakes as heard as I could.

    I thought the man was insane and had completely lost his mind. But having me do all that stuff taught me more about the limitations of a vehicle than any idiot "driving instructor" teaching me to merge and signal and parallel park.
    I think your old man and mine might have been brothers in another life because this is EXACTLY how I learned to drive, except he had me doing it at 15 because the lazy bastid didn't feel like pulling the cars in the driveway at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    Yeah, since I became a Dad Iím much more aware of any risk I take. I like to think Iím responsible but the truth is I'm almost systematically over the speed limit.

    Riding a bike though does bring out the little Devil in you, more than a car
    I actually become much more devilish in my car then I ever do on my bike.

    340 HP and convertible gives me the speed-to-open-air ratio thrill I need. Almost stupidly so.



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