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Thread: Portrait of a Jets Fan

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    Portrait of a Jets Fan

    Hindsight being 20/20, I often lie awake at night wondering why I have chosen of my own free will to root for the Jets, Mets and Knicks for most of my 40+ years. I mostly blame my parents for living in Queens during my formative years. But since I have come this far no point in regretting my decision now.

    My Jet Fan Timeline:

    1978: First football game... Opening game @ Shea with my dad. We upset Miami and I am hooked... If I only knew!!!

    1980: Memories of losing to the 1-15 'Aint's. My youthful exuberance telling me "It can't get any worse?"... How wrong I am.

    1981: My first case of real disappointment... Klecko & Gastineau... Wild Card against the Bills... Falling behind 24-0... Furious comeback... Coming up empty at the 2 yard line... sound familiar???

    1982: Mud Bowl... 'nuff said.

    1983: Coming home from school and listening to 1010 WINS to see who they drafted... Ken Who????

    1984: We move to Jersey... Jets move to Meadowlands... seems almost karmic

    1986: My favorite year as a sports fan... Mets win the series... OT Miami game... Heartbreak against the Browns... Gastineau with 2 boneheaded penalties... Mosely in OT.

    1988: Knocking the Giants out of the playoffs... My first jersey #88

    1989-1996: The Dark Ages... "Joe Must Go" Walton... Coslet... Browning Nagle... Byrd tragedy... Carroll... and finally the Kotite era. Man those were some tough years... hits rock bottom with the Houston Oiler game and 60,000 no shows at the Meadowlands.

    1997: Parcells... return to respectability

    1998: CuMar... Great season... even greater disappointment in the AFC Championship Game... What is up with these Jets showing up for only one half???

    1999: Vinny's achilles!!!!

    2000-2001: Chadwick drafted... Monday Night Miracle... Things looking up???... Not really... 2 years of late season collapse... lest we forget-the Belidick debacle

    2002: "You play to win the game!!!"... Another collapse in the second half to Raiders in the playoffs.

    2004: Doug Brien... 'Nuff said again.

    2006-2008: The Penguin Years... I hate Brett Farve!!!!

    2009-Present: Rex "Swag" Ryan... Finally a head coach I do not hate since Walt Michaels... 2 straight AFC Championship Games... A real franchise QB... For me the last two years almost make up for the previous 30+ years... almost.

    2011-2012: AFC Division champs... League MVP-Mark Sanchez... Defensive MVP- Darrelle Revis... Super Bowl XLVI champs- NY "f'n" Jets

    We all deserve this... don't we????


    P.S. Schotty sucks.

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    Nice post. Was at the Doug Brien game. Ugh.

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    Very cool. Welcome aboard!

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    Thank you to the Grand Poobah & The Ragin' Cajun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sevomd View Post

    2004: Doug Brien... 'Nuff said again.

    Poor Brien, he gets the blame when the real culprits were Herm (for letting Jordan center the ball rather than trying to get more yards) and Pennington who was a complete joke.

    I think the longest fg in Pitt that year was 49 yards, and it sure wasn't in a January night game.

    Jordan was running at will on this drive.

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    thought this was going to be whiny, but you pulled out some WIN with your P.S.

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    I really enjoyed that, but

    You still can't have my Bud Lite. That said, let's enjoy a brash Rex together.

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    ... welcome brotha ... no need to focus on the negative ...

    ... last 2 seasons afc championship game ...

    ... 2011 - superbowl champs ...

    l_j_r <3's rex

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    Joan Jet is my favorite Jet Fan given her last name!


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