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Thread: I knew there was something about this guy!

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    I knew there was something about this guy!

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    Deadspin should change their name to Douchebaggery, amirite?

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    "Something" about what?

    The Sanchez story was well known. He even talked about it to the media during the draft.

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    Dump, lock, ban.



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    Sanchez was never charged, and the case dropped a couple of months later after investigators determined there was a lack of evidence. (Medical examinations of Sanchez and the alleged victim were inconclusive on "the issue of force," as the Associated Press put it. Prosecutors said it was "essentially a 'one-on-one' allegation.") Sanchez went on to earn the starting job in his junior season and was picked fifth overall by the Jets in the 2009 NFL Draft.

    End of story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by el_dub80 View Post
    End of story.

    In a charge evaluation worksheet, the prosecutor said the woman admitted to "consensual kissing and petting" in bed and taking off her shirt and bra after Sanchez had entirely disrobed.
    She also acknowledged staying in bed with Sanchez after he repeatedly tried to have sex with her, according to the prosecutor.
    A couple who were in the next room during the alleged assault were unaware of any problem, according to the prosecutor. Afterward, the woman spent 20 minutes with the couple and "did nothing to convey through words or conduct that she had been assaulted," Taklender wrote.

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    For all we know, Sanchez really was innocent and totally deserves the public image being crafted for him. But it's hard not to think that the fact he is a young, good-looking quarterback one with a young Namath's charm and a gentle ancestral immigration story at a time of great anti-immigrant unease made it all too easy to ignore the uglier stuff. There's a story everyone wants to tell about Sanchez, and his getting popped on a rape accusation doesn't fit.
    In other words, given the complete lack of evidence, Sanchez could very well be guilty. Deadspin, however, resents him simply because... why? He's a charming Mexican kid?

    What an absolute garbage website.

    Let us all remember and identify DELAWANAJET as a shameless gossip monger with nothing better to do than revel in unsubstantiated rape allegations.


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