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Thread: Apollo 1 - 44 Years ago today.

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    Apollo 1 - 44 Years ago today.


    44 Years ago today, Astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee, the crew of Apollo 1, died when a fire swept through the cabin of their command module while doing pre-launch tests.

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    Just terrible :( I watched Apollo 13 recently and the first scene is really moving when it shows Apollo 1.

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    Nice thread, Jet Engine. These guys were true pioneers who, I feel, never really get their due.

    RIP to these brave men.

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    When you look at the technology they traveled to space with, it's shows what balls these guys had. Your microwave oven is more powerful than the computers that got them to the moon. It's amazing.

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    Remember watching coverage at school. I was a huge follower of the space program since the Mercury Program. This accident really hit me hard back then.

    RIP to the brave astronauts.


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