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Thread: Mel Kiper Re-grades 2010 Draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by GronkWelkhead View Post
    First in the league.

    Based on wins.
    Pretty close to last actually, which resulted in yet another early exit from the playoffs. Bad defenses don't win playoff games unless they get lucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    Cmon, it was not the rookies fault. they played like rookies, With Ty Warren, Wright, Brace and Pryor missing from the D-line, they could not sustain a good level. Add that group plus Bodden, and 6 top 100 picks this year and a FA or two and they will be back in the top 8 Defences.
    haha... when was the last time that happened????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    Regarding last years draft for the Jets.

    I liked the Wilson pick a lot. I even think he didn't look that bad in preseason, disappointed he didn't do more in the reg season. Still have high hopes for him.

    I wasn't crazy about the Ducasse pick at the time. As others have stated I think he is a Right tackle prospect. I think he will do better there than at guard.

    I like the Connor pick, still do.

    I did not like the McKnight pick at all and still have my doubts. He played very very well in the Buff game though and looked like the type of player he is supposed to be.

    I hated giving Seattle a 6th round pick in the Leon Washington deal. The Jets FO has to start taking those later round picks more seriously.
    +1 Wilson got more comfortable and effective at the end of the season - wish he would make the int's instead of headbutting the ball

    Hope Ducasse accelerates his development - he certainly has the athlectic abilities

    Terminator pick was fine

    McKnight showed some serious talent and ability in the Bills game, granted it is the Bills but they are an NFL professional team ( I know it sounds weird to say that)

    Hope we get some great picks throughout the 2011 draft

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    His analysis of both the Pats and Jets drafts seem fair.

    Gronkowski and Hernandez were filthy this year for the Pats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_0515 View Post
    Yeah, that and Seattle won more games in the Playoffs than New England did the last 4 years.

    Yeah but Mel gave them an A+ so let the idiots celebrate. They don't know any better anyway.


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