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Thread: Torres to Chelsea for 45m

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    Torres to Chelsea for 45m

    Torres sold to Chelsea for 45m. Liverpool spends the money on Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll.

    An absurd amount of money for Carroll but on the plus side, at least they spent the money on a couple young talents. If Tom Hicks still owned the club, the money would have gone to paying down his debt and Liverpool would be left with Ngog and Kuyt up front.

    John Henry is a good owner.

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    The premium on British players is ridiculous.

    Did they get Charlie Adam as well? Need someone to get Carroll headers

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    I like Luis Suarez at 22 mil more than Fernando Torres at 45. The guy is a goal-scorer supreme. Yeah Torres is better but he isn't twice as good as Suarez.

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    We Pool supporters are obviously very disappointed - it would be like Revis leaving for Miami - but it was clear he wasn't playing at his best, bar a few matches recently. He has since admitted in recent hours he wanted to leave last summer, which explains his "non-efforts" for much of this season. So good riddance and I'm ecstatic we got 50 million quid for him - one of the largest transfers in history.

    He's a great player - albeit a tad one-dimensional in terms of how he attacks. I'm not saying he can't bang them in from everywhere, because he can, but he relies on his outstanding pace most of the time.

    We have a lot of holes in our squad; to be honest I don't know much about Suarez or Carroll - the latter I've seen more of and he looks raw but talented. The premium on English talent is ridiculous - paying 35 mill for him would have been insane bar the context it was set in, ie the selling of El Ninny for much more.

    We need a rebuild in various positions over summer, but so far for us a great start under the new owners.


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