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Thread: Event Data Recorders (Black Boxes) In Your Car

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;3956429]Quoting to ask Bit again. CR....have a nice day.[/QUOTE]

    warfish the short answer is I assume that privacy is basically dead after 9-11... whether it's "legal" or not theres 1000 examples where the US gov't can and will do what it feels is in it's best interest, regardless of privacy. Do I like and agree with that? No it sucks but in the end I would support it cause this is the country we live in.

    To be clear black box data is not wireless (unless im missing something) so i don't know that the Gov't could monitor black boxes all day long looking for some dude going 45 in a 40 mph zone. They could probably GPS on it and there might be some transponder info but I assume the full details of what the box is recording has to be physically read... like in a crash situation.

    fwiw i do think we will see taxed roads in the future, it's an easy way to tax the rich without calling it such.

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;3956403]So if there is no right to privacy, would you support the Govt. having no limit (i.e. no court order required) to access that data? For example, having a Govt, database that tracks all your movements at all time with the vehicle?

    If there is no right to privacy in activity on a public road, there is hence no right to hide such data from the Govt., or from the public via the usual information request channels.

    Would you support the issuance of fines/tickets to all drivers who break speed limits or make turns without signaling, etc., based on this collected data?

    Also, perhaps, for "dangerous operation" of any vehicle that does not at that moment meet inspections standards set up by say, a Federal Highway Safety Commission Panel?

    Beyond that, you could set up a tax-system for road useage. The system could already track every mile you drive and where, it's a small step to move to generation of a "Useage Tax" to charge each driver (based on last filed income, taxes must be progressive to be fair) for their use of this public resource.

    Such a change would certainly make for a slower pace of life, and bolster the coffers of local and state jurisdictions. I do hope you take the time to reply.[/QUOTE]

    Insurance companies are going to try this for "pay as you go" insurance policies, so its already happening


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