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Thread: Crosby: Can't rule out possibility of season being over

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    Crosby: Can't rule out possibility of season being over

    Penguins star center Sidney Crosby today said he couldn't rule out being out for the rest of the season because of his concussion, but he hopes to return before that becomes the case.

    "You know what? That could happen," Crosby said of missing the rest of the season. "But am I sitting here packing it in? No. I hope I'm back and, geez, I hope I play this year.

    "But that's the thing with these things. You don't know. There's no time frame. I'm expecting to play this year. I'm sure there's a thousand different things being said out there, and [him being out for the season] is one of them, but I expect to be playing."

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    this really sucks if he cant play this season

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    Didn't you hear that he's faking it? Nancy Grace and Jordy said so, it must be true.

    They need him back. With all these injuries, I'll be surprised if they can even win one playoff series if he can't come back. Its a shame, they have/had a great chance this year with the improved defense, and Fleury getting hot. They can survive without one of Malkin or Crosby, but not both. They'll still win a lot of games thanks to the defense, but it'll be a different story in the playoffs.


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