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Thread: Deal reached between Nets and Nuggets for Anthony (NOT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gqxluvx View Post
    Spoken like a true idiot..not shocking coming from you...

    You want to know why there are people that hate New york fans? because of idiot fans like were sucking lebrons d!%k all summer and the minute he doesnt go to your team he is LeFraud...sorry bro you're the only Fraud...this is not about Nets vs Knicks..that is a no contest..this is the Knicks town always will be...and they are a better team and the better option for Melo, but Melo is not making himself look good..he says he wants this to be over...he controls that..if he really cares about being close to home and playing for a contender..he could just sign with the Knicks in the offseason..but no..he cares first and foremost about the $65 million dollar extension...but trying to explain that you is so difficult...and you are really overrating him to boot..great scorer yes...great player? he hasn't shown that yet..thats all I'm saying and think most people who watch basketball would agree..

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    Sources: Nets, Nuggets, Knicks talking

    By Chris Broussard
    ESPN The Magazine

    Even if the New Jersey Nets do not acquire Carmelo Anthony, they still might pull off a trade with the Denver Nuggets, one that would likely be a sore spot for their cross-river rivals in New York, according to high-ranking league officials.

    If the New York Knicks send Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov to Denver for Anthony, the Nets are in discussions to then acquire either Gallinari, Felton or Chandler plus Mozgov for two first-round draft picks.

    That deal is obviously contingent upon the Knicks trading all those players to Denver for a package headlined by Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

    The Nets remain confident that they can acquire Anthony before the deadline, but if he instead is obtained by the Knicks, they see this trade as an alternative way to strengthen their team, the sources said.

    The move could also burn the Knicks, who are reluctant to part with so many of their coveted young prospects, even for a player of Anthony's ability. To see a couple of them opening the Nets' new arena in Brooklyn could certainly be bothersome to the Knicks' franchise.

    Although league rules generally preclude packaging players for two months after they are acquired via trade, Denver can package players acquired from New York in a subsequent trade with New Jersey if the players involved are sent to the Nets in separate but simultaneous smaller deals before Thursday's 3 p.m. ET trade deadline.

    One example: New Jersey could trade Troy Murphy to the Nuggets as a trade exception that Denver would generate by the trade of Billups to New York. The Nets, then, would accept multiple players from Denver whose aggregated salaries are less than Murphy's. There are other combinations possible for the Nuggets and Nets to make two separate trades to satisfy league rules and convey the former Knicks to New Jersey.

    Sources confirmed to a Friday report from the Bergen (N.J.) Record that New Jersey has agreed in principle to send prized rookie Derrick Favors, former All-Star guard Devin Harris, Murphy (and his expiring contract), Ben Uzoh and four first-round picks to Denver for Anthony, Billups, Shelden Williams, Melvin Ely and Renaldo Balkman. As reported Thursday night, Denver would then use at least one of those future first-round picks to package with Murphy -- either in this trade or in a separate deal -- to a third team yet to be determined.

    That deal is contingent on Anthony signing a three-year, $65 million extension to remain in New Jersey long-term.

    But the Nuggets are currently embroiled in talks with New York, Anthony's preferred destination. The Knicks are willing to send Gallinari, Chandler, Felton and a first-round pick to Denver, but the Nuggets are pushing for Mozgov, a 7-foot center, to be included in the package.

    Landing Mozgov (and then trading him to New Jersey) would be a huge coup for Denver, since it would enable it to get the draft picks it desires, along with some of the Knicks' young talent, along with a savings of roughly $20 million this season.

    Felton (2005, No. 5 by Bobcats), Chandler (2007, 23rd by Knicks) and Gallinari (2008, sixth by Knicks) are all former first-round picks. Mozgov, a former six-year pro in his native Russia, was signed as a free agent in July.

    Chris Broussard is a senior NBA writer for ESPN The Magazine. Information from senior NBA writer Marc Stein was included.

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    Hammer no one is coming to the Nets until they are in Brooklyn, they are just not attractive...


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