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Thread: DWC is now on TGG

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    [QUOTE=Revi$_I$l@nd;3966580]Hi buddy!

    I remember when you took a month long hiatus after this post


    Would never stay away over a football game.

    I have worn a Jets Avatar several times in bets that I have lost Re: Pats vs Jets games.

    Non starter, as I expect several folks would back me up on that. Ches and JW would back me up on this for sure.

    Football is a game, much like JI. :yes:

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    [QUOTE=MACPAC;3966945] Ches and JW would back me up on this for sure.


    Oh, sure, choose two non posting Mods.

    Why not mention Demoncleaner?


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    My best friend.

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    [QUOTE=Greaser;3966760]I thought that guy was funny.[/QUOTE]

    he probably is, but apparently he said something that pissed me off enough to tell him to kill himself. i forget the exact context as it has been 6+ years, i just remember that i told him to kill himself and got perma-banned:D


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