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Thread: Grading Positions/Variance in this Year's Draft

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    Grading Positions/Variance in this Year's Draft

    Is there any resource out there that grades positions from this year's draft against prior years? In the past I would see such reports from Frank Coyle (not sure how accurate, but a useful idea).

    Also, I'm wondering about variance within positions... for example it looks like the grading within DE this year is fairly tight across the first 8-10 prospects. Anyone see any mapping of this anywhere?

    How would you go about figuring this out?

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    There are some decently basic statistical measures that can be used to determine consistency across groups, most of which are based on correlation. Im into statistics and football, so if you can collect a spreadsheet of whatever scouts you want to use and the relative rankings they employ, I can figure out the set elasticity.


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