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Thread: Good Luck driving through midtown...

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    nice sandals

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    nice sandals[/QUOTE]


    The King of the Gifs.

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    This is all Richard Simmons - I mean Mayor Bloomberg's fault.

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    This is supposed to be 34th St., should make the trip from Lincoln Tunnel to the Midtown Tunnel a real treat for LIers after Jets games. :eek:[/QUOTE]SF is doing the same with Market Street, the main drag here if you will.

    [QUOTE=RaoulDuke;3969509]Not that anyone cares, but Paris has become a nightmare. The current mayor has totally transformed the city:
    gigantic sidewalks which pick away at existing lanes
    Bus lanes which used to be shared with cars are now exclusively used by buses
    No more parking spots for delivery trucks, so they stop in the middle of the road

    The underlying idea of all these projects is to discourage people from having a friggin car and take public transportation. :cool:[/QUOTE]
    Or..RIDE BIKES TO WORK! :angry:
    [QUOTE=Peebag;3969511]and that affects us fat, lazy Americans how Frenchy?[/QUOTE]
    See above, Water Bottle. :yes:


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