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Thread: Football Gameplan's 2011 NFL Mock Draft Video - Version 4 - (3 Rounds)

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    Football Gameplan's 2011 NFL Mock Draft Video - Version 4 - (3 Rounds)

    2011 NFL Mock Draft Version 4 - (March) 3 Rounds

    Good Afternoon Jets Fans! Here's Version 4 of my Mock Draft..this one is a 3 Rounder!



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    can somebody just post the jets picks so i dont have to watch the entire thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor

    Its a good pick, EmDiggy, especially with the Jets cutting Kris Jenkins today.

    They may re-sign Big Jenks, but coming off back-to-back torn ACL's, Taylor is still a good pick.

    BTW you should watch the ahole video when you have some time, cuse, diggy does a nice job with these.
    who did he have with our 3rd round pick? safety or lb?

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    If Torrey Smith fell to us in the third round my TV or the people in front of me will be covered in splooge...That's absolutely excellent value.

    Btw emdiggy these are always excellent. You can just tell alot of work and thought goes into all of your mocks.

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    Thanks Gang!! I appreciate that feedback! Yep, I do put a lot of time/effort/research/reasoning into these video (and preview videos).. This year its tough to do mock drafts with no CBA in place.. No FA signings to base picks off of


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