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Thread: General draft thread

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    General draft thread

    Is there a consensus on what's going to happen with "risky" or "projects" in this draft?

    I would think that the risk becomes much higher for a head-case player that doesn't have any team structure to start including the rookie player camps and other things, and in the same way, project players lose some of the development time that would be key for them as well.

    Curious what (if any) is the thought on this.

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    I mean I guess logically they might fall a little bit, but at some point talent trumps current abilities and teams also look to the future, which with project picks they usually don't do much in the first year anyhow.

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    Since this is a thread about risk

    1st round :
    Justin Houston,Olb Georgia ;

    This kid has the best 1st step i have seen in a Lber since John Abraham.His speed off the corner is unbelieveable.He's also quite well spoken and athletic for a man his size.

    3rd round:
    Robert Sands, FS ,West VIrginia;

    This kid maybe a yr away,but i believe he's the talent we need in the backfield.The Jets just worked out Bob Sanders,and when i watched Sands play,i see a huge Bob Sanders.Getting him in the 3rd would be ideal,even if it means having to trade up .

    4th round :

    Ricky Stanzi ; Qb Iowa;

    Jets need a young strongarm QB to develop behind Sanchez. who's not affraid of the northeast weather and has some upside as a starter.I like this kid a ton and we don't have much behind Sanchez.This kid is tough,battle tested and doesn't get rattled because of mistakes.

    5th round :
    Adrian Taylor;DT Oklahoma ;
    Big guy who was a force in the sooner DLine before injuries.This late in the draft,i take a flyer if he's around.

    6th round :
    Bruce Miller : ILBer
    Kid makes players,Just like with Taylor,if he's here i take him.Bart Scott maynot be going anywhere next season,but he's not getting any younger either.

    7th round
    Buster Skrine,CB ,Chattonooga ;
    Speed,speed and speed .Can't ever have enough CBs in the pass happy NFL.


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