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    Child stud


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    My life be like MRSA-ah ah ah ah.....

    My life be like MRSA-ah ah ah ah....

    I predict Meth, tatoos, single parenthood, prison and a brief obituary.

    Just not sure in which order, except for the obituary.

    Oh, and he'll still have that haircut when he kicks.



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    Whats wrong with our country?

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    [QUOTE=FF2;3973442]Whats wrong with our country?[/QUOTE]

    God Bless America.

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    Meh, looks like the most typical face on the planet to me. Surely no Filipino Bon Jovi, but who is?

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    That is one angry little monkey.

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    My kid is 8 and he's a wuss.

    But, he's wicked smart.

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    Very cool. Kid is a bad-ass. He'll prolly be in the UFC someday. Not sure he'll be able to do much else after he develops bad cauliflower ear... why the hell is he NOT wearing headgear in half his matches?


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