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Thread: Nearest Mall To Paramus (That's Open Sunday)

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    [QUOTE=Apache 51;3976514]The house.[/QUOTE]

    The house always wins.

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    [QUOTE=SAR I;3976463]Thank you for asking. Things I'm looking for:

    A really good [U]Kosher deli[/U] that's not the place in Glen Rock that has smelly old ladies acting as waitresses, reeking of mothballs.

    What's the best [U]Italian restaurant[/U] in the area?

    Besides Legends Steakhouse or Smith's in the village (are they any good?) what's the best [U]steak house[/U] in the area?

    Where's the nearest [U]McDonalds[/U] to Ridgewood that's not on 17 or 4?

    What's the trick to finding [U]parking[/U] at the Garden State Plaza when its crowded? Any entrance better than another? Any lot less crazy than another?

    We need an afterschool [U]nanny/babysitter[/U] a few days a week. Any agencies or contacts you may have would be helpful.

    One thing that shocked us is the really good skiing at Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ. In NH we skied every weekend in the winter at a family mountain, about 900' of vertical, just 35 minutes from home, just to get our kids up to speed. We thought we'd never find another mountain that close to home but only 45 minutes away from Ridgewood is a mountain that's taller and bigger with more lifts and great conditions. Lift lines suck, which was expected, but very happy to know we can do our weekend ski gig again next season.


    You can try Hidden Valley also in Vernon. MUCH less crowded and still great trails. Smaller than Mt. Creek by a long shot but it's good and the lack of lines make up for it.

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    [QUOTE=escamoter2;3976504]Oh man. LOL. I don't really know the reason. The Italians are heavily concentrated in places like Lodi, Hasbrouck Heights, Garfield, East Rutherford, Carlstadt, Little Ferry, Moonachie, etc.[/QUOTE]

    Goshdang! I just meant that those fragrances can bring unity to a scattered mind; not referring to the reason for them actually living there.


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    [QUOTE=SouthTown;3976506]I am Italian, I can say the more "blue collar" areas. Lotta construction, welding, roofers, plumbers, electricians come out of those areas...Trust me, I know...:P[/QUOTE]

    Pretty much summed up my Italian family. Roofers from Moonachie and construction workers from Carlstadt.
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    [QUOTE=Apache 51;3976516]one in four people in NJ, have Italian descent.[/QUOTE]

    If you watch reality tv you'd think 1 out of every 1 people in NJ is Italian-American.


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