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Thread: What is holding the Heat back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsKnicksYankeesRangers View Post
    I would say age and chemistry. However, as much as I hate them I believe next year they will be the team to beat due to cap space and expiring contracts.
    The Heat will be over the cap regardless of what happens to the salary cap under the new CBA. That's what happens when you give out 3 max contracts. Only way the Heat are not over the salary cap next year is if the cap is increased which is a virtual impossiblity with Stern and the owners trying to cut it by $10 million.

    Even with that the Heat will still be able to sign a role player or two. I think the guy they target is Glen Davis. He's a big, strong PF and they are missing that presence in the low post on both ends.

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    LeBron not having a single clutch bone in his body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Cause the "big Three" as they call them cant shoot a jumper.

    The Celts "Big Three" work because 2 of them are deadly from the outside.
    Wade can hit from the outside.

    LaBron just doesn't have a 4Q game.

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    Wade can hit from the outside.
    No he cant. He is a slasher, not a shooter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    No he cant. He is a slasher, not a shooter.

    Mark this, there will be injury issues next year with the Heat. They might get some of help on free agency and be a threat, but someone is getting hurt (just a feeling not a wish).


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