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Thread: Red Carded for Tackling on a Streaker

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    Red Carded for Tackling on a Streaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post


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    That is ridiculous on so many levels... the doosh dressed up like Borat and everyone just staring at him, the drunken louts in the crowd chuckling lazily, the one guy just wanting to put an end to the whole thing to get back to the game and then getting penalized for it, and the stupid ref backpeddling in fear after showing the red card and seeing players from both teams bearing down on him.

    Just another rockin' Friday night in Northwest Brombuckinghamshire.

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    LOL absolutely ridiculous, but that was hilarious.

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    I liked how one guy would walk up to the ref, another one would grab him and start yelling at the ref, then he'd get grabbed and pulled out of the way and another would replace him.

    That whole scene was just strange...

    Very amusing though.

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    ugh if theres 2 things Ive grown to hate since 2007, its streakers and bad Borat impersenations


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