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Thread: Marvin Austin - What's the thinking?

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    I've never watched him play. Could you elaborate? Does he constantly get blown off the ball and taken out of plays like Dewayne Robertson used to?

    First, bear in mind I think the guy is a pretty good football player and can be at the next level. It's not that he gets blown off the ball but more rather he doesn't push the pocket back and consistently dominate the point of attack. He's not really gonna stand a guy up and then throw him to the side to shed off the block.

    He's usually more disruptive using his athleticism and quickness to blow by guys, hence why I thought his ideal fit would be as a 3 technique in a 4-3. He's also pretty decent at batting down passes (something our defense lacks and is rarely mentioned) and playing in space for his size/weight.

    However, I have no idea if he spent his past year wisely. Apparently he weighed in well at the Combine and also dominated at the Senior Bowl. Perhaps he spent the past 6 months busting his ass to get into NFL strength & shape.

    If he'd be available in the third, I'd take him because while I don't think he'd be an ideal 3-4 DE, he could be serviceable at that but also be great on the inside in 4 man fronts and filling the Trevor Pryce role on passing downs.
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