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Thread: Facebook: What is your take?

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    [QUOTE=SouthTown;3979358]Nope...[B]just a Chi OOOOOOOOOOOO my lordddddd[/B] that was a bad idea[/QUOTE]

    hah :D

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    What is this facebook of which you speak! my child:eek:

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    And it has these cool things called "privacy settings" that [I]actually[/I] work...if you read the instructions. The privacy settings are easier to set than a clock on a VCR. Used right, no one can search for you, see your info, see your pictures, etc. Your personal info is safer on FB than it is when you fill out a credit card application. Those [/QUOTE]


    Yea, cuz people really want to adopt features that are actually beneficial to them at the expense of remaining set in their primitive comfort zones...


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