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Donovan is a USA player. At least he's not an actor like Becks and Magee. Besides, Rafa hurt us more than he did. Think I'll just go back to watching a couple game every 4 yrs. Henry has talent but no brains. Rodgers is the only guy worth watching on this team.
Henry played great tonight, loss doesn't fall on him at all. Rodgers gets too intense and he was pretty lucky he didn't get shown a second yellow, leaving them a man down for a huge portion of the match (that's also one of the things I love about him, but he was skating on thin ice tonight). He also should have finished that second scoring opportunity he had. Turning point really was Tainio having to exit and I'm not sure why Backe chose Auvray over Balloucy as the sub. With the way Marquez has been playing, I actually thought it was beneficial for us that he and Juninho were out. Galaxy seemed a bit shaky defensively in his absence, something that's unusual for them. In my opinion, Lindpere should be in the middle and either Ballouchy or Agudelo on the wing. However, McCarty didn't do a bad job in the middle.

As for Landon, I root for him when he's wearing a USA jersey, but that's it. I think he's a whiny ***** and I find it very hard to like him. That's just my opinion of him, not saying everyone else should feel that way.