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Thread: Is Akeem Ayers the one?

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    Bit, since when is running a 4.69 40 for a 6.4 260 pound linebacker considered poor? Especially since Ayers is considered to be great athlete? Who cares if he's not running a 4.4 like that guy from Illinois who is not half the player Ayers is? I personally don't pay too much attention to 40 times as some do. These are football players not sprinters. I'm tired of seeing supposed "slow" guys become the real blazers in the NFL, while the "fast" guys never play to their speed.

    personally I would prefer a DL with our pick a guy like Taylor or Heyward, only because I think it's harder to find a quality Dl over a linebacker, but Ayers would not upset me in the least.

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    I think the play should be a tradedown...

    the more I think about it, the more it makes sense in my mind. There will be a glut of borderline first round talent in the top, even mid second round. These rumors about Mallett, Dalton, Ponder and Kapernick possibly going late in the first will push players right out of the first round. Plus I don't buy all these defensive linemen and linebackers all going in the first, teams have other needs as well, no one is mentioning a RB other than Ingram, I don't buy it... no one is mentioning a corners beyond Peterson and Amukamara... I don't buy it, no one is even mentioning even a safety there, with the kid from UCLA being the only first round worthy prospect. I just don't buy all these mocks playing out that way, there will be surprises like always and I think we will be in a prime situation to trade down and still come away with an impact front seven player.
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    After hearing all the analysts i trust give Ayers a mediocre review and express concerns about his explosiveness, I'm done with him. not at #30. no way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HessStation View Post
    Tbh give me the sack artist.
    There are very, very, very few guys who are sack artists out of college. Even fewer of them are obviously so...

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    This guy plays above the bar, and is one mean kid. All around player. I'd love to have Ayers. He is my target in Round 1, along with Heyward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Much ado about Nothing View Post
    There are very, very, very few guys who are sack artists out of college. Even fewer of them are obviously so...
    if we pick this dude he got to hit the ground running

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    Excellent Post!! This should be a Sticky

    Who wouldn't sign up for a Mo Lewis at #30?
    Clay Matthews went at 26th pick, so there's hope!


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