Mar 27, 2011 - Manchester City's Mario Balotelli is at it again, this time by throwing darts at kids. Over the past few weeks, the 20 year-old has been the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons. First, it was a grass allergy at Dynamo Kiev in a 2-0 loss that forced him up a pitch - clearly not his fault but rather setting the tone for the fortnight to follow. Next was a combined attack, with Balotelli suffering from both a hilarious allergy to bibs and an allergy to having any sort of brain at all, getting himself set off less than forty minutes into the Kiev return leg, a move that got him fined two weeks' wages and dropped from both the Manchester City and Italian national teams.

Being dropped from the Italy squad led to Balotelli calling coach Cesare Prandelli and apparently asking him for help, which many had hailed as potentially a major step forward for his maturity. Unless Prandelli is a far more sarcastic man than anyone previously believed, it doesn't really sound as though his advice penetrated Balotelli's skull, as the striker is now being disciplined for throwing darts out of his window at members of Manchester City's youth team.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the affair, but that's still fairly horrifying and could easily result in a child being badly hurt. When asked why he would do such a thing, Balotelli's only answer was that he was bored. While his idiocy may be funny at times, this sort of behaviour is starting to look remarkably sociopathic. Nobody doubts that the talent is there for Balotelli to become one of the world's formost strikers, but good grief he's got to stop doing this sort of thing.

Right now, it's sounding a little bit as though Jose Mourinho was absolutely correct to desribe the volatile forward as 'uncoachable'. Roberto Mancini ignored those warnings, however, when he spent 24M to lure Balotelli to the Eastlands in the summer. While the move may yet pay off, it's looking like far less of a coup now than it did a few short months ago.

Now, the tabloids have a way of overblowing anything, but I don't know how this can be spun any differently other than the guy was throwing darts at kids. He was bored? Somebody ***** slap this punk already.