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Thread: What's it worth??

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    What's it worth??

    I am working on a 2 round mock. Trying to keep it real I see the Pats trading #33 (the 1st pick in the second round) The problem I am having is what is it worth? After the first day is over and everyone goes back to their rooms someone is going to want someone bad, maybe a QB drops, maybe Roudolph or Ingram is still there. Number 33 is worth 580 pts so that means that pick # 49 410 pts and pick # 84 170 pts equals 580 pts. Is that what the pick is worth? If the picks are in nexts years draft are they worth more? What do ya think?

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    It depends what team you trade with. The Redskins give up picks easily. Other teams, not so much.

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    Yes you can use the draft value chart to get things close. Your first best bet is to think about what team would trade with them. (For instance if up to that point in your draft there was a QB left and a QB needy team had not taken one earlier explore that route.)

    Also trade in future years are worth less points wise than this years, for example if the Pats wanted to deal their 33 pick they could probably get a 1st rounder next year (depending on a few things.)

    Do you have my mock draft creator spreadsheet? It had the draft value sheet included in it and makes mock draft making an easy task.

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    I think when there is a QB available who multiple teams covet, the pick is always worth more. I just don't know if there's a QB out there this year who teams will see the need to trade up for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    MAC, use this, the draft picks value chart ...

    It doesn't have to be an exact match, but you should try to come very close to make it realistic.

    Thanks guys I have that chart. I guess I am wondering what someone might give to get their guy. I am going to settle on a 2nd this year and a 2nd next year. 33 is basically a first rounder if you want your guy at 33 thats my price. I don't think a number one next year is enough. The Pats might end up with the 26th pick next year vs. the 33rd this year, not great value IMO.


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