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Thread: My 1st Last and only Mock this year

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    My 1st Last and only Mock this year

    1. Carolina - Patrick Peterson CB DG 9 - Simply the best player on the board. The new CBA will have a rookie cap that part is settled. That said teams will not be as quick to pass on high talent just because they are not a high profile position. Carolina drafts safe in the 1st so I just don't see them starting to gamble in this poor draft class. I still think AJ has the best shot at stealing this one but for me this one seems like an easy pick.

    2. Denver - Nick Fairley DT DG 8.5 - Denver is going back to a 4-3 so Fairley gets the nod as the best 4-3 DT here. They will need a strong anchor and given Suh's success I think DT is a likely pick here. They have a few wholes on D so they will likely just take the best D player on the board. Dareus or Fairley here I just think Fairley is the better fit.

    3. Bills - Von Miller OLB DG 8 - I can almost see SF trading up here for this guy. Buff needs help all over but Miller gives them the best upgrade this year. If their GM is even the least bit competent then you will not see a O pick here. Not sure if they are switching back to a 4-3 but either way this seems logical to me.

    4. Bangles - AJ Green WR DG 8.5 - With 2 aging WRs and 0 real depth WR seems like an easy pick here. Green has a star quality that will appeal to a team like Cinci who is looking for new O stars. With the QB market so strong I really see no reason to jump on any of these QBs early.

    5. Zona - Tyron Smith OL DG 8 - If they do not go OL I will be shocked. It doesn't matter who there QB is, they stopped no one last year. They gave there coach anther year to prove himself and he will not do that under a rookie QB either. Smith has the highest upside he and is the key underclassman.

    6. Cleveland - Robert Quinn DE DG 8 - Everyone seems high on Browers but Quinn is much higher talent. He could fall do to health concerns but Cleveland has a GM that will look twice at great talent. I can see Jones but Cleveland is making a bad move and going back to a 4-3 too early so DEs are priority.

    7. SF - Prince Amukamara CB DG 8 SF has drafted very well the last few years so I am giving them mad credit here. Gabbert seems like the pick but Prince is the smarter one. If they can get Miller I think that is the given but Prince is not exactly settling either they need someone else in that backfield.

    8. Tennessee - Da'Quan Bowers DE DG 7.5 - I can see QB here b
    ut no way they go VJ JR and I just do not see Gabbert here. They need a DE and Browers is rated higher then he should be. I will have to check injury reports on him going into the draft.

    9. Dallas - Marcell Dareus NT/DT/DE - DG 8 Dareus is the only 3-4 DE here worth a 1st IMO. That said Dallas always seems to get gifts and this is just anther.

    10. Washington - Brandon Harris CB DG 7.5 - Washington will likely clear house this off season. The guy calling the shots likes gun slings so I think it is more likely we see Shaun Hill here then a rookie from this class. People are over looking Harris but evals have him really close to Prince so do not be shock if he is able to sneak in at 10.

    11. Texans - Jimmy Smith DB - DG 7 With the top 3 CBs off the board Smith is my 1st real push. I think in this class he will look like gold for a team looking to draft a S. He may be able to play opposite Jackson at CB but I think he could help more at S. He really seems to be a perfect fit to me.

    12. Vikings - Julio Jones WR - DG 7.5 Berrian I think is done and Rice and Harvin can't stay healthy. If they can get a solid #1 option I say take it. They just where not the same team without Rice last year. Anther team that could go QB but likely will wait on it because they want to win now not 3 years down the road.

    13. Lions - Leonard Hankerson WR JK Derek Sherrod OL - DG 7.5 Their D actually looked good at the end of last year so I think it is safe to say go OL here. They where so disparate they picked up Ugoh so yeah I'd say go for the safe pick in Sherrod, who is the more polished OL here. He will be more able to just step in and play then then other options.

    14. SL - Aldron Smith DE/LB - DG 8 They need to improve the D by any means. Smith is the kind of player coaches love and I think he will go in the top 16.

    15. Miami - Blaine Gabber QB - DG 6.5 Miami has lost faith in Henne. I know Ingram is the logical choice but watching his workouts have not been awe inspired. Miamis new owners aren't in love with what they are seeing and I think this will be pushed by Marshal as well who will want a QB who is not afraid to throw the ball.

    16. Jax - Jonathan Baldwin WR - DG 7 They have the 2nd worst WR core in the NFL. May be a little early but a good pick all around for Jax. I could be wrong on the who but I just think Jax goes WR here.

    17. New England - Mark Ingram RB DG 8 - With Miami passing NE will not. This is a big area for improvement and will help take the pressure off an aging Brady. The Pats need to pound the ball if they want to stay on top of the JETS.

    18. SD - Akeem Ayers LB DG 6.5 - SD tends to take these guys so this seems like a logical prediction. Lets face it there talent scouts must be sleeping out there. Ayers looks like a pro LB but game tape shows a different story.

    19. Giants - Aaron Williams CB DG 7 - People tend to be overlooking Williams IMO. He is a raw underclassman with just as much potential as Harris and Prince. Look for someone to jump on him early.

    20. TB - Ryan Kerrigan DE DG 7 - They kinda went crazy on DT last year taking 3 and now have 5 starter quality DT and not much to speak of on DE. Clayborn seems to be falling so I think Kerrigan will pass him. Not sure either is really worth the pick to be honest.

    21. Chiefs - Stefen Wisniewski OC DG 8 - Even if Wiegman comes back he is pushing 37. Stefen is one of the best C prospects I have ever seen and I can't believe more people are not putting him in the late 1st.

    22. Colts - Stephen Paea DT DG 7 - Well they need a DT I guess and Peae is a very good fit. Anything to help stop the run and not get upset in the playoffs by rushing teams. I am not throwing out a potential replacement for Mathis but people keep saying he is more then what he really is.

    23. Philly - Cam Heyward DE - DG 6.5 OK so I here they are going 3-4? Yeah so I guess they need someone that weighs enough to play DL. If that is the case Hayward has to be there 1st choise. If not we may see something crazy. I could also see them trading up again to grab him.

    24. NO - Justin Houston DE/LB DG 7 - This guy is just what NO needs on D IMO. Houston was a very well kept secret until the combine now he is high on most all draft boards.

    25. Seattle - Jake Locker QB DG 6 - This is a classic Carrol kind of QB. He has a lot of ability but is essentially a blank slate. I just think he will like the project on this one.

    26. Ravens - Martez Wilson LB DG 6.5 - Seems early but the Ravens are not afraid to pass on higher rated talent to get the guy that fits the team.

    27. Atlanta - Leonard Hankerson WR DG 6.5 - Impressive combine should get him some early looks. Well worth the gamble here for Atlanta who could use a burner to open up the field. Will likely look to trade down thou.

    28. New England - Anthony Costanzo OL DG 7.5 - NE will likely use this spot to take an OL. I am just hoping they pass on Cannon.

    29. Bears - Nate Solder OL DG 7.5 - Jay took 52 sacks last year so OL has to be high on their list. Nate has fallen as of late so if he is there it makes sense. Don't really like the pick but Chicago loves these big powerfull guys.

    30. JETS - J J Watt DG 7 - I am just not in love with any of the guys left on the board. That said if the JETS do not take Cannon or a natural OLB I hope Watt is still on the board. Maybe not a star but much better then what is left. Watt is a hard player to project but I think Rex could really work with him.

    31. Pitts - Gabe Carimi OL DG 7 - I think if Pitts has a nice list of guys. Sadly not many will drop if any. Gabe will do just fine as a back up plan.

    32. GB - Mike LeShoure - DG 7 Considering they ran a whooping 11 times in the SB I'd say getting a RB they have more confidence in is a must.
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    I like your Bears and Packers picks...they make sense....I wish I came up with them. I'm not sure Watt has any chance of making it even close to 30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Much ado about Nothing View Post
    I like your Bears and Packers picks...they make sense....I wish I came up with them. I'm not sure Watt has any chance of making it even close to 30.
    yeah Watt is one of those guys that is just hard to project. Don't really see him in the top ten. I do think he is better then Cam but more people are talking about Cam right now. If he can get by NE twice and Philly I do like the odds of him being there.

    Thanks I think GB would be well served with a RB and they will have 3 or 4 guys to pick from. I'm not even sold that Ingram will not be there. He should be gone IMO but I will admit he hasn't shown that explosiveness he had just a year ago. I'll say the same thing about the bears I said about GB last year if there GM doesn't take a OL the QB should have the right to kick him in the nuts. lol

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    You have both Hankerson and Carimi listed twice.

    No Cameron Jordan?

    I think you love the secondary players way way too much in this mock, 5 CBs in the 1st round?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    You have both Hankerson and Carimi listed twice.

    No Cameron Jordan?

    I think you love the secondary players way way too much in this mock, 5 CBs in the 1st round?
    Thanks I do have Carimi listed twice. Hankerson is not. The 1st one is a joke if you read the pick is Sherrod there. Will fix the other thanks.

    No no Jordan. Fits very few teams need IMO. He is not a good 3-4 DE and as far as 4-3 DEs he is low on my list. Maybe Indy or Jax but I dont see either going DE.

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    Watt has a chance to be in the top 10.

    Cam Jordan WILL go top 20. Guaranteed.


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