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Thread: Prospects you'd "go to bat" for

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    Prospects you'd "go to bat" for

    I just read Wes Bunting's list and it got me thinking about the guys I really like... partially because he has two of my favorites on his list... so here are 5 of my own.

    Drake Nevis - He might not be the ideal fit for most defenses because of his size, but he could be a John Randle type of player. Quick and relentless.

    Titus Young - Gifted athlete. May not have the speed that DeSean Jackson does, but he can get in and out of breaks so quickly and is tough to jam at the line because he's not a very big target and is slippery.

    Graig Cooper - Recovery from the ACL injury will be key but the kid has big time ability. I see him as a starter in the league in a year or so. Anyone who drafts him won't regret it.

    Steven Friday - Is a mid-round prospect. He uses his hands well and gets around the edge with urgency. Always making plays in the backfield. I think he could be just as good, if not better than, many of the players who are thought of as much higher prospects. If the Jets go DL in the 1st, I'd love for them to grab him in 4 or 5.

    Jerrel Powe - He is what he is. A pure run-stuffing NT and he does it very well. Tough to move off his spot. Won't give you much pass rush, but that's why he isn't considered a top talent.
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    Aldon Smith - I think he'll be dominant at the next level

    There aren't many prospects I feel sure about in this draft though.

    I see Graig Cooper on campus a lot. I think he'll be solid in the pros. I filmed the Pro Day and he looked like he was in great shape. He's a really hard worker.

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    Heyward/Ellis/Powe/Guy - The first three are the big 3 of the DLmen as far as I'm concerned. Big fan of all 4 though, and guy should be a solid Kenyon Coleman type DL.

    Gabe Camiri/Anthony Castonzo - My top 2 tackles through most of this thing, including the beginning and end. They're both going to be solid to badass.

    Kyle Rudolph - Could/should be a first round pick but probably won't be.

    Cliff Matthews - Solid player who can possibly play the designated pass rusher role that we so desperately crave.

    John Moffitt/Clint Boling - Moffitt is your prototypical G, and Boling is a solid OL prospect who can start somewhere eventually.

    Dwayne Harris - East Carolina WR can ball.
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