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Thread: Jets Off-season Workout plan

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    Jets Off-season Workout plan

    THis isn't meant as a joke it's a serious thought.

    Right now the jets are working out scattered around the country and unsupervised. They can't have contact with any of teh current Jets Strength and conditioning coaches right?

    But guess who's available for the players to hire and who knows how to get them to where they neeed to go mwithout over-doing it and ending up with workout injuries?

    [SIZE="5"] Sal Aloisi![/SIZE]

    He's unemplyed, he's experienced and the Jets could pool their money together and rent a place with the right kind of equipment and hire Sal to develop and supervise their lockout work programs.

    It's so simple it's brilliant!

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    It does seem like a no brainier,Sal knows these guys and what type of work-out they receive..

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    Here's who I'd hire:



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