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Thread: My friends are going to this, I refuse to.

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;3996095]Charlie Sheen is the man.

    If I was rich and famous...I'd do mass quantities of cocaine, f*ck porn stars and be a total a**hole(I know, I do that already) too. At least he's honest about it...and not like other people/celebrities/politicians who pretend to be wholesome but do mass quantities of coacaine, f*ck porn stars and are total a**holes behind closed doors.


    Yeah....he does seem to have the life other than losing his job and his kids :( I want another girl so I have to say...I do like that about his life. That would be awesome! Can I get a goddess for Christmas, PK? If I have a housewife I could really work on my career!

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    Meh. You can probably get a really cheap ticket on the street. If I lived near the venue and needed a night out I might check it out.

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    [QUOTE=Beerfish;3996087]You would mock a minority who is blind, deaf, autistic, over weight with no legs and lobster claws as hands? You are heartless.[/QUOTE]

    only if I got a chuckle or 2 out of it....


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