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Thread: who do you want as this year's John Conner?

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    who do you want as this year's John Conner?

    a John conner pick defined as a mid-round hard hitting player that you'd be very excited to see them draft. just cause the dude hits like a freight train. the phrase "headhunter" gets thrown around

    a "violence" pick that Rex Ryan probably has a say in. usually a non premium position but that's optional...

    i'll kick it off with Marshall TE Lee Smith. This dude crushes in the run blocking game. He was flattening people in Mobile in every blocking situation.

    Dad was in the league as well. Can catch decent (far better than Hartsock) but is basically a blocker.

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    Rex loves CBs

    Offensive Guard | Wisconsin | SR John Moffitt
    Height: 6-4 | Weight: 319 | 40-Time: 5.55

    Official Bio

    Prototypical height and bulk with thick frame
    Is very strong, tough and extremely powerful
    Gets an outstanding push in the run game
    Can control defenders and sustain blocks
    Able to pull and get to the second level
    Smart with excellent instincts / awareness
    Aggressive, nasty and will finish his blocks
    Mature and a hard worker w/ leadership skills
    Capable of playing any position on the interior
    Has tons of experience versus top competition

    The CB I think Rex might be desirious in late 3rd rd is Johnny Patrick
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