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Thread: jets 5 rd mock

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMikeIsHot View Post
    Well of course they were still available after 5... there were only 4 picks made after the Jets 5th round choice in this mock.

    Realistically, Chinasa is probably a 6th rounder but he has tremendous upside.

    Cameron could go early 4th and I think he would be both a good value in that spot and would fill hole on the roster immediately. He's one of only a few prospects at the TE position with starter upside. I think everyone in your mock draft missed on that one.

    The double dip at safety is silly IMO. I wouldn't mind it so much in a year where they had more picks. Just doesn't make much sense this year, especially in a pretty mediocre safety class.
    1) The Jets have a boat load of picks compared to their usual 3-4 and have had a draft strategy over the years in which they do not value lower picks and will trade them in draft to move up.

    2) Double dipping is very good way to significantly up the chances of adding a starter caliber player. It may make more sense to double dip in the mediocre safety class than otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonEJet View Post
    I just don't see anyone trading up in front of Pitt, GB for a QB

    I think NE's 1st pick in the 2nd round will be a hot commodity
    You can't easily choose to trade up one spot before another team is to make their pick so teams have to look at which teams are willing to deal their pick and the value asked for the trade. NE's spot is a hot commodity of that I agree but it doesn't mean teams won't talk to the Jets in any case rather than getting into a large bidding war over the Pats pick. This is especially the case if one of the QB hungry teams feels that another QB hungry team and the Pats have a deal in place.

    As for the Pats, I hope they do their as usual rumored defer picks to next year. If you never use all the picks you accumulate and always are trading into future years there comes a time when you are not best serving your teams interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    I don't mind the double dip at safety at all. Taking two players of one position dramatically increases the odds of getting a starter. Brooks Reed, hmph still don't know what to think of him. Despite the thought that Johnny Jag can start at DE in any 3-4 we need to draft at least one 3-4 DE.
    worked in 2005 for the Jets. For all the *****ing, Kerry Rhodes was a great 4th round pick, and Andre Maddox, I think, was even better than Rhodes, but his career died with his knee injury....


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