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Thread: Kenny Britt arrested in NJ

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    Kenny Britt arrested in NJ


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    1 - See sirens, step on the gas
    2 - OK this doesn't seem like a good idea anymore, let's stop and casually walk away maybe he won't notice.
    3 - Oh sh*t, he saw us, run!


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    Jeebus... what a maroon.

    2005 Pac Man
    2006 Vince
    2009 Britt

    Hello Julio Jones?

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    Good ol' Rutgers alums.

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    It seems Britt's name has been in the news alot since being drafted, and not in a good way..Were there any "character concerns" on him going into the draft?

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    Epic Fail. This dude most likely will be another broke statistic/bankrupt guy in a few years time


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