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Thread: Jurrell Casey - USC

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    Jurrell Casey - USC

    Was looking through some DT rankings and came across Casey who it seems is really flying under the radar. Figure its partially because he was not a senior, but the more I read it seems like he has a lot more upside as a NT then some of these other guys.

    Definitely good athleticism and some room to add on a few more pounds. Plus he is only 6'1 which is great for a NT. In the 2 mocks on ESPN 1 had him late 2nd and kiper didnt have him in the 1st 3 rounds. If he lasted to our pick in the 3rd I think that would be a steal.

    Just curious what anyone else thought....Below is one scouting report I found.

    Short, squatty DT with a wide base and surprisingly quick feet. Stays low out of stance. Can take on blocks and control a gap. Uses sand in rear to anchor. Shows good upper-body strength to lock out but short arms do show up on tape at times. Has athletic limitations but certainly quick enough to disengage and make plays in pursuit. Pursues hard and packs a punch as a tackler. A solid all-around tackler in space for a 300-pounder.

    Pass Rush Skills - Displays adequate-to-good agility and quickness. Is quick and powerful enough to collapse the pocket at times. Has some upside in this area and definitely can develop into a three-down NT in the NFL if technique improves. Needs to use more consistent leverage and improve his array of pass rush moves. Does a very good job with his swim move at times but needs to master club and rip moves. Flashes a powerful punch that he uses to get offensive linemen back on their heels. Has a high motor, especially for such a sloppy build. Snap anticipation needs to improve, though. Late off the ball more than he should be.

    Quickness (hands/feet) - Has quick hands and flashes some impressive moves (especially the swim). But he's still learning how and when to use his hands properly. Deceptively quick feet for his size. Not a classic 3-technique but has above-average initial quickness and agility.

    Toughness/Motor - Better motor than most DTs. Fights through double teams and stays on the field more than most DL from big-time programs. Does not give up on many plays. Will get into backfield, find the ball, change directions and give chase from behind. Plays with a bit of a chip.

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    I see him as a gap shooter in another system. Not rex's. He's in there with Liuget and Paea. Casey is decent at beating his blocks... he's gonna get crushed on the double team. For Rex D every man up front needs to stand up and possibly beat the double. Jarvis Jenkins or Sione Fua have the bulk to do it, Casey doesn't. His value is questionable as well... Casey will probably go in that 60-70 range of where the Jets 2nd round pick will be... too high for the 1st and prob not there for the 3rd.

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    I'v had him tabbed as a 4-3 DT but he's a wider guy than both Paea and Liuget...he's young enough to be made a NT prospect but I'm not sure that's something the Jets would be interested in doing when there's so much 3-4 DL talent as it is.

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    I read something where he did not seem to take this offseason very seriously and looked flabby.


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