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Thread: WOW.....Pats draft board

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    A trap?


    From Belichick???

    Noooooo waaaaay!

    Do you seriously think the Patriots would use pictures or video to get any kind of advantage in football? C'mon! Ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet_Engine1 View Post
    Seriously? I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots had an entire Division of Subterfuge and Espionage in their organizational structure.
    FF2's universal in its reach.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
    You are not elevating the dialogue.
    Your shtick is getting old, Doc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    Guys, read the article. The media was invited to a session by Cesario on how the Pats rank players. They had a dummy board up to explain the nomencalture
    that is used.

    Any one of us posting in this forum could have chosen an order and placed it up there and assigned values to the players and done this in the morning before the event. And we would have had a board that looked plausible.

    For you guys to think that it wasn't a prop Dareus and aj green would have had to been the 5th ranked players at their position.


    Pretty funny reactions here, especially the ones who think it's a deliberate ploy by Belli at subterfuge. His draft board, out in the open, in front of 20 reporters invited for a press conference explaining the draft process, ....right.

    C'MON Man!

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    Reminds me of a story.


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