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Thread: When it's all said and done how many players do we draft this year?

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    When it's all said and done how many players do we draft this year?

    We all know, I think, that Tannenbaum is not gonna stay put with all the picks, somehere sometime the Jets are trading down or up.

    I honestly see the Jets actually walking away with 3, at most, drafted players this year.

    I guess it's possible that some trades may mean extra picks on following years, but I'm not thinking about that.

    What do you guys think? Do you see the Jets actually drafting 6 players?

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    would guess 5

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    I'd say 4.

    Either we trade back, then packages picks to get two 2nds or a high 3rd, leaving us with a 5th and 7th OR we move up in the 3rd at the cost of our 4th and 6ths (something like that)

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    I'll go with 4 as well.

    Tanny obviously has had success with quality over quantity in the draft. We have done well with plugging holes with UDFAs, free agents and via trade. The draft is all about getting guys they feel really good about.

    I say we stay pat at 30 but can see a trade up in the middle rounds for a safety or receiver that they covet. Who knows, OT or CB could present value that they cannot pass on too.

    All I know is that the draft will dictate the priority order of our free agents. If they can snag a solid CB prospect then Cromartie is gone. Same goes with some of the other positions. Like Tanny hinted, the free agent list could likely be the tie breaker in the war room come draft day.


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