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Maybe you should, oh, read the boards before insulting people. That paragraph is from bith the Main Page of this website (Meet the Prospects) as well as the "Landing Strip"....and thats just ONE example of Heyward getting the Gholston comparison.

As for me being "wildly uninformed", so, none of the 3-4 teams are conmsidering Bailey as an OLB? Heyward isn't considered "versatile" with his ability to play anywhere on the DL in different situations, and in the Rex defense would DEFINITELY be lined up at OLB for a good portion of the time?

Look, I'm neither making a "Gholston Comparison", nor am I agreeing with it. But if you read the "boards" here, there are plenty of people comparing every DE/OLB prospect with Vernon, and in my opinion its both stupid and lazy, not to mention tired at this point....
Listen man I didn't mean to come off as bashing you, but no I don't think anyone has considered either Bailey or Heyward as legit DE/OLB. I am sorry if you think I was attacking you, and I really only read draft stuff on this forum. I mean you know some of the ridiculous things that get bandied about on the landing strip on a regular basis. It's not worth even getting riled up over. Also I completely agree with you on the gholston comparison in general, see my earlier post about how people just say it all in hindsight. The guy was a great prospect and people really can't use him as a basis on which they don't draft other players.