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Thread: I like Stephen Paea as a DE for our defense...

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    I like Stephen Paea as a DE for our defense...

    He's short (only 6.1) I know and some will think that will disqualify him, but he cannot be handled one on one and lives in the backfield. His power is not only evident on the bench but on the field as well, no one seems to be able to handle his brutish punch and burst upfield. This guy will become a contributor for someone and I see double digit sack potential in him.

    Who cares that we supposedly run a 3-4? I can see Paea playing all over the place even as a NT on passing downs. He ran a 4.95 something very few 300 pounders can do and his motor is always revving. He's this year's Tyson Alualu only shorter and he will be there well into the second round and no need to move up to get him like Jax did last year.

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    Double digit sack potential?

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    I'd rather have Nevis if they're going to take a 6'1" DL prospect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    Double digit sack potential?
    That's a lofty claim, he's a talent nonetheless

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    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJet View Post
    That's a lofty claim, he's a talent nonetheless

    You put this guy on a Tampa 2 type defense and let him shoot the gap like Sapp, or a Randle, or more recently a Tommie Harris and yes, he has that kind of potential, look at his tape, not just the highlights but complete games and you'll see what I mean, no one can stop him from continually penetrating and messing things up in the backfield. Sapp was 275 pounds coming out of Miami and he beefed up some, but he was best at around 290, same height as Paea. Paea has a stronger punch though, he's got lethal power on those paws. YES DOUBLE DIGIT SACK POTENTIAL.

    One of these days a guy is gonna come along who will break the mold and play every DL position well including NT. We had that guy once and his name is Joe Klecko, I see some Klecko in Paea. Not saying he can be an every down NT, but I think he can take some snaps at NT and not embarrass himself and maybe give Pouha a breather here and there. Don't think he can handle more weight on that frame and I wouldn't want to mess with his speed and quickness which is top notch for a DT.
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    Watch some tape of this guy and notice what he does to centers right off the snap, the punch is massively violent and the center is consistently at a disadvantage right off the snap. I LOVE THIS GUY.

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    First Round Prospects, Defensive Line: Stephen Paea, Oregon State
    by John B on Apr 16, 2011 10:16 PM EDT


    Stephen Paea was First Team All America and the Pac 10 Defensive Player of the year his senior year at Oregon State. The 6'1" Paea only weighed in at the Senior Bowl at 295 pounds, which was smaller than his listed weight at over 310.

    He is very explosive off the snap. He hits offensive linemen before they can gain balance. He also has a fantastic motor. If he is a bit undersized for a nose tackle in the scheme the Jets run, he can compensate with otherworldly upper body strength. I understand the weight room is different from the football field, but Paea broke an NFL Combine record with 49 reps bench pressing 225 pounds. The previous record was 45. That is a demolition. The second best lineman this year had 38. Size is important at nose tackle, but the job is about drawing double teams and having the strength to hold the point of attack. A quick first step and great upper body strength are good attributes. Jay Ratliff is undersized but uses his explosion to make up for it.

    Paea is another guy relatively new to the game so his technique can be inconsistent, particularly using his hands to disengage. He is also coming off knee surgery coming off an injury Senior Bowl week, something every suitor will have to investigate.

    I think there are a lot of reasons the Jets would and could be interested in Paea at 30. His high effort play on the field is something the coaches desire. There are some suggestions that Paea might be best suited as a 4-3 three technique lineman, which would suggest a 3-4 team might not be well advised to take him to play nose tackle. There are a few reasons I disagree. The first is that the Jets are not exclusively a 3-4 team. They go to 4-3 fronts more than people realize. Rex Ryan is a master of putting his guys in a position to succeed. He tailors his scheme to fit the talents of his players. On top of this, he has coached a successful undersized 3-4 nose tackle, Kelly Gregg, in Baltimore. His biggest weakness is technique, but this coaching staff does nothing well if not teach linemen technique.

    I am sure he would get some time rotating at 3-4 end as a rookie, but his future would probably be inside. He doesn't have the ideal wingspan to play end.

    Paea is a disruptive force on the defensive line. I would be a satisfied customer if the Jets grabbed him in the first round. He had 127 tackles, 29.5 tackles for a loss and 14 sacks in 3 years at tackle at Oregon State despite being the center of attention and drawing consistent double and triple teams.

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    fwiw i dont know if he makes it to 30. hed be perfect fit with the eagles at 23 and the bears at 29

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    Just to play the devil's advocate here... let's just slow down. Paea is a reach IMO @ 30 and he'll be gone by rnd 3. Spend a 2nd on him if we traded back? I dunno...

    Paea looks like one of the more overrated prospects in the 2011 NFL Draft, but I doubt he gets out of the second round. He has great weight room strength and is a load to deal with because of his competitiveness, but he lacks athleticism to make plays and he isn't much of a penetrator. When I watch tape, I see a 1-technique only - someone who lines up on the shoulder of the center and generally stuffs the run for a 4-3 defense.
    Just pitching for the other team here.

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    i'd like as well for the Jets defense- if the team were still running a 4-3/alignment and needed a 3-technique lineman...


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