Christian Ponder will be the best QB out of this bunch. He will make a team very happy, hopefully he can land with a team that can take their time grooming him and hopefully that team is out of our division. Ponder has ice in his veins and is just a tremendous team mate and leader. Reminds me of Mark in a lot of ways, not a huge arm, but he had the elbow bothering him all year. He's very strong and very nimble and can actually turn the corner and gain big chunks of yards and hurt you that way too. I saw him for three years and he's my favorite Nole QB ever, certainly the most talented QB that I ever saw play at FSU. Too bad there was so much turmoil and turnover at FSU, if he was starting his career now with Jimbo no doubt in my mind FSU would win a championship within 3 years.

I haven't batted as hard for a Nole since Leon came out and I kept telling everyone he was a hell of a player and people didn't believe me he was that good.