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Thread: Pro-Football-Focus "Secret Star"

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    Pro-Football-Focus "Secret Star"

    For the Jets it's Mike DeVito. I think their site overrates him some, somehow he graded as the top run defense DE in the NFL using their system. Either way, it's certainly more than the Jets and us fans expected


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    That was a great read. DeVito is everything I want in a football player:Tough,
    quiet, constant motor, never in trouble. Lunch-pail kind of guy.

    In light of how much fu%*ing money they gave Gholston vs how much
    DeVito makes/made and their respective contributions on the field it's no wonder the owners want to redo the CBA.

    Go Mike!! Go Jets!!

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    Was there really a big switch between 09' and 10' from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Sure Rex switches fronts a bunch, but that was the same both in 09' and 10'. Not really sure where this guy is getting that from.

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    Ack... His price just went up next time his contract rolls around. I don't really begrudge him the fruits of his labors but every time there is a story like this the piper will need to get paid a little more.

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    Yeah, I've also became a DeVito fan over the years.

    Really wasn't a believer in DeVito's defensive ability until 2009 when Jenkins went down, but thats exactly when I really started to enjoy the ways that DeVito stepped up and contributed for our defensive line. Pouha also made a believer out of me that season.

    I'll give it to plenty of Jet fans around here, who helped me open up my eyes, think outside of the box and actually take recognition for what type of 3-4 DE the Jets really do have with this guy. He seems like a pefect build, match and fit for a very good 3-4 defensive team. He has heart and plays with toughness so I credit all the DeVito supporters who seen this guys talents, ability and potential during training camps and offseason practices before the rest of us (especially out of state fans) had a chance to see first hand what he's made of. Good call guys.


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