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Thread: Help: Looking for a full-size helmet autograph

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    Help: Looking for a full-size helmet autograph

    Just trying to get some opinions from fellow Jets fans, because I have an autograph dilemma.

    I recently bought a full-size authentic Jets helmet, as well as a glass display case for it (for, unfortunately, a total of about $300). My intention was to get Curtis Martin to sign the helmet, but he was a no show at a signing in Somerset a couple of weekends ago. Someone who was also at the show told me that he heard that Curtis came to the venue the day before his scheduled appearance and, when he found out it was a public (rather than private) signing, he said he wasn't interested in taking part and immediately cancelled.

    Here's my dilemma: I want to get a signature on this helmet eventually, and I guess if what that fellow patron told me is true, I could assume that Curtis is out of the mix now (although he'd still be my first choice). I already have a Namath-signed full-size authentic Jets helmet that I got as a reward from my Jets Extra Points credit card, so who should I target for my still-blank helmet? I love the Jets and have been a fan since 1973, but I'm also a realist and, let's face it, there haven't been many Jets players worthy of being the signature on a full-size authentic helmet.

    I'm thinking Darrelle Revis is a worthy player, even though his signature isn't the greatest; it's a scribble that's hard to read. Stadium personnel wouldn't let me bring this same helmet through the gates last year when Don Maynard was there to sign his book, or I would have gotten him to sign the helmet. Instead, I got Maynard to sign both his book and one of those 1963 mini helmets with the airplane loge.

    At that show in Somerset earlier this month, some people got Tomlinson's signature on a full-size helmet, but, even though he's a certain Hall of Famer, he isn't someone I'd target because he's not really a Jet; he's a Charger.

    I love 1980s guys like Klecko, for instance, but it's a current Jets helmet that I have. If I were to get his signature on a full-size authentic helmet, it would have to be the green one that he wore -- not the current one that I have. Same with Al Toon, etc.

    So, who do my fellow Jets fans recommend as a target for signing this helmet?

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    Don't mean to be rude here but you really should've posted this in the Hangar here :


    But anyway, I doubt you can get Revis's sig. You'd have a better chance of getting Braylon's or something.....or, dare I say it :

    Nick Folk. :P

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    Wayne Chrebet


    The entire Sack Exchange

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    Johnny Mitchell.

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    + DBRICK

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    your dilemma is that you're being very picky. you like klecko, but he wore a different style helmet, you like toon, but same problem. so your autograph hunting is limited only to players that [I][U]you like[/U][/I] that wore [I][U]that style helmet[/U][/I].

    you know (not us) who your favorite Jets are, and you know which style helmet they wore. pick one.

    hows that for help? ;)

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    Sanchez is both worthy and has a [I][U][B]great[/B][/U][/I] signature, IMHO. I have a mini with it. I love the way he incorporates his jersey number into it and I've also seen variations where he makes lower half of the 'S' into a football. Here's mine:


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    I have one of those fake plastic helmets...used to wear it at parties and hit my head against the wall....brought it to a practice last year as a joke and wound up getting Sanchez's sig on one side and Revis on the its one of my prized possessions!

    Cant go wrong with Sanchez or Revis...go for it!

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    Has anyone purchased the full size [B]replica[/B] helmets available through Riddell?


    They're half the price of the "authentic" helmets and based on the description the biggest difference is that they lack the interior padding of the authentics.

    Just wondering what people thought of the replicas....looking to make a purchase for display purposes in my office.


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