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    Hey, I'm TRN'B, and I'm from West Virginia. I was born and raised in MA, and moved to Florida in 2004, WV in December, and I'll be moving to Ohio in August. I first became a Jets fan because Curtis Martin was on the Patriots, and he was the first player I knew, so I followed him to the Jets before I knew better to not change teams. I'm 18 and I am going to be attending Mount Union this Fall studying Criminal Justice and playing football. I used to be a division 1 prospect (not top prospect, but I had a 3.7 GPA, so Princeton was my #1), but after 2 major knee surgeries these past 2 years, I had to go D3. I'm also a Celtics fan, and I love to just play sports and lift weights.

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    welcome aboard. do you actively post at any other message boards?

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    ANd I'm trying to make my own Jets site, but it's hard to get traffic. I only have like 5 members now...

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    What happened to this doosh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    What happened to this doosh?
    Freely admitting you post on JN is a bannable offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReleasetheAnimal View Post
    Freely admitting you post on JN is a bannable offense.
    as is being an offending doosh


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