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Thread: Rex loves cornerbacks

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    I think Jimmy Smith is going to go to a team that loves big athletic guys who could be argued as BPA in the late first. That team once had top corner play, but now they employ JAGs and journeymen behind an awesome front 7. That team wears purple, which some folk consider to be the color of royalty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Vader View Post
    but no cb outside of one in this year's draft could plausibly be expected to just step in a play pure man to man at the nfl level. Rex learned the lesson with Wilson who was great value and great raw metrics. but the pro speed and caliber of qb/wr/technique is mind-blowing for rookie cbs.

    u can draft them to play zone as rookies. drafting them to play bump/run is a different beast.

    en sum - no drafted cb would really help the jets secondary this is at least unlikely...
    we could make the same argument about DL and OLB. there are maybe 5 OLB all time who came in and dominated from the 3-4 OLB position as a rookie. guys like Merriman and Matthews are exceptions. Similarly most DL take years to develop, guys like Suh are exceptions.


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