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Thread: Mavericks Mock Draft.

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    Mavericks Mock Draft.

    Ok here is my first mock that I have done in years, so hear it goes.

    1rd Muhammed Wilkerson= People are going to say he will not be here, well there are two ways of thinking about this. One their are going to be a lot of trades for teams needing a qb and he will fall to us, or their will be no trades before us and then we trade down. For now Im sticking with him falling to us and we get the perfect 5 tech for Rex.

    3rd Martez Wilson= The kid has talent, he has a lot of potential, and he plays with a mean streak on the field. Two things, one is that he is very immature, I truely believe Rex can and the coaching staff can fix this, secondly Ron Zook did not develop this kid at all. Just like other talents that went to the Illinios ( Benn, and Juice Williams) this kid was not put in the best position to succeed. This kid will be a force for us.

    4th rdJerrel Powe=Talk about this kid in 09, and we are talking about the one of the top DTs in the country. Talk about the kid now and they talk about a kid with talent but some people question his desire.

    5th rdJaiquawn Jarrett= While watching some Temple games this year, his name came up quiet a few times. A big time hitter, who is usually at the right place at the right time. But if you ask him to cover a TE or a slot reciever then you are in trouble. Possible Victor Green type player.

    6thrdTyrod Taylor= With all of our FA's I really think Brad Smith is not going to be back next year. This kid would be the perfect complement, he can throw really well in limited action and I think over time he can run the wildcat.

    7thrdLee Ziemba= WHile trying to scout an Auburn, Ole Miss game for my blog, this kid really caught my eye. Does not have the physical tools but he gets the job done.

    Comments will be appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    For me, Wilkerson's a plan C kind of guy. After Heyward's gone, Smith too, and we don't get any offers to trade, then I'm cool with Wilky. Can't imagine him being there, and Heyward not tho. Everyone's boards seem to have Wilkerson ahead.

    Don't know enough about Wilson to comment.

    I'm a fan of the Taylor pick late though.

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    I think that would be a very good draft. Maybe a bit optimistic with Wilson falling to the 3rd (I think he goes late 2nd or early 3rd) and Powe in the 4th, but it would be great if it happened.

    Coming out of the draft with Wilkerson and Wilson as our top 2 picks would be terrific. I really think Wilson has the tools to be a good pass-rushing OLB with some work, although his neck injury and inconsistent play are concerns. He is a real talent though, and Rex is a good guy to teach him.

    Like the Jarrett pick too, and would love Tyrod Taylor in the 6th. He could be Brad Smith plus - he could do all the wildcat and receiver stuff, but he could also be a viable #2 QB in the style of Seneca Wallace.

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    I'd find a way to really we add alot of size and athleticism there...I like it.


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