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Thread: Darrelle Revis ~ ~ ~

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    Darrelle Revis ~ ~ ~

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    Meh, I'll never take the Chowds seriously. Here's why:

    "Ooz, oooz, Cleo Lemon is teh QB of teh future! Did I say Lemon? I meant teh Chad Pennington!....uh, actually, I meant Chad is a noodle arm, Chad HENNE is teh next Marino! No, just kidding, it's always been teh Chad Pennington!...sorry, I must've mistyped, I meant Henne again!...and by Henne, I meant Tyler Thigpen was gonna take his job and lead teh Dolphins to the Superbowl! Chad Henne 4 SuperBowl 2012 MVP!"


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