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Thread: Last Mock Draft with Explanations

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    Last Mock Draft with Explanations

    1st round: DE Cameron Heyward - Ohio State

    One or more of the DL in this class are bound to fall. I think we get our wish and wind up with Heyward. Is as stout as they come against the run, is underrated IMO as a passrusher, and is known as a vocal team leader. Worst case scenario, he's a solid starter for a number of years. Best case scenario, he's Richard Seymour-esque.

    3rd round: OLB Sam Acho - Texas

    The Jets continue to bolster the front seven. Tough and tenacious with a motor that never quits, Acho is a Rex Ryan guy through and through. He may never be a double digit sack artist, but he's the kind of guy that you love to have on your team and will do the dirty work with a smile.

    4th round: CB Rashad Carmichael - Virginia Tech

    Great athlete who can play in man to man and is very physical. Just the type of CB Rex loves. With the uncertainty regarding Cromartie's future with the team and Wilson's ability to step up, I feel a developmental corner is a need.

    5th round: WR Jeff Maehl - Oregon

    Similar to Jordan Shipley who came out last year. Good hands with the reputation for coming up big in big games. Could develop into a solid 3rd/4th WR. Even if both Holmes and Edwards return we could still use some depth at the position.

    6th round: PK Alex Henery - Nebraska

    The Jets must solve their kicker situation once and for all so Westhoff leaves us with a potentially reliable one before he calls it quits.

    7th round: NT Derrick Hill - California

    Decent developmental nose guard who we could stash on the practice squad for a year or two.
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    heh. i'm exagerating, but I seriously think there's little to no chance Acho, or Ellis (many other mocks) make it that far. ...actually just plain no chance.

    3rd round? eh, maybe.

    30 picks back into the 3 round? yikes.

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    Would absolutely love that top 2 - probably my dream result from the draft.

    But got to agree that it's highly unlikely that Acho makes it to our pick in the 3rd round. His very good college production and excellent combine will push him into the top 75 picks, IMO.


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