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Thread: It's looking like Brooks Reed will be the pick.

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    It's looking like Brooks Reed will be the pick.

    From the presser today.. I got the feeling they would eye him...

    what worries me is.. I was reading that against competition, and in big games he came up empty..

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    totally disagree. I read it as "ya... we'll see." Heyward will be there. If he isn't, then Ayers or Houston is. Both better than Reed.

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    smoke screen...

    to me it looks like the jets don't like where they are

    will be on the up into elite talent area (between 10 and 20) or down between picks 33 and roughly 75 (early mid-third).

    The elite players that will help us are the truly elite players at their positions.

    But we also have immediate and depth needs that could be filled with say 3 picks in the round and a quarter from 33-75.

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    they never worked this player out, privately or in Florham. If they picked him it would break a streak going back to Dbrick of only taking players they've worked out.


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