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Thread: Our Automotive Future?

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    Fail troll is UBER-fail.[/QUOTE]

    Uber-snooze time.


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    [QUOTE=TerminatorJet;4007059]Uber-snooze time.


    Couldn't have said it better myself.

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;4007069]Couldn't have said it better myself.[/QUOTE]

    I couldn't have uber-said it myself either.

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    Fail troll is UBER-fail.[/QUOTE]


    Your shtick is getting old, Vincenzo. If you can't contribute to a conversation in a constructive, thoughtful way, then don't bother posting.

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;4006934]it wasn't liberals who made gasoline 4 dollars a gallon.[/QUOTE]

    Yes it was the name Obama. He Lies - America Dies. Made in America but full of chicago bull****e!

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    [QUOTE=Jetworks;4006876]Chevy's new Camaro ZL1 has an all-aluminum 550 HP motor.:yes::vroom:[/QUOTE]


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    There is a new documentary (straight to DVD) out about the USA and gasoline. It is called Gashole. Maybe Iíll watch it this weekend


    The documentary starts with describing of the technology that has been buried and hidden, despite of its ability of gas mileage improvement in cars and also reducing oil consumption.

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;4007016]Well, I know what the price was when the Democrats won Congress (and then later, the White House), and I know what prices are now.

    But I'll bite, what DID make Gasoline $4.00/Gallon, as you see it?

    Once you answer, please stop derailing my request, will I be getting my "Drivers Seat Review" on this baby from you, or not? You're not saying you're not going to buy one, are you?[/QUOTE]
    What was the cause of the increase in gas the last time it spiked?

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    [QUOTE=TerminatorJet;4007040]I love conservative Obama-haters actually rooting for Japan to beat our American car companies. How patriotic of our most patriotic patriots.

    Buy the Chevy Volt, it's made in America and it's not radioactive![/QUOTE]

    American Cars sucking has nothing to do with Obama, its the combination of the American work ethic going to **** and the Auto Industry unions. Period.

    And yes, I currently own an American Car, as a matter of fact out of PATRIOTISM and LOYALTY the majority of cars I have owned have been American.

    I currently drive a Chevrolet, and my wife has a Buick. They both SUCK.

    I used to have an Olds. It was a piece of crap.

    Before that I had a Ford. Garbage.

    My first car was an AMC. Rolling trash.

    I've tried 'em all, and have learned to hate them all, from their interiors that just fall apart after 3 years to their poor transmissions, they're all crap.

    Patriotism only goes so far. My next car will probably be either Japanese or Korean...


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