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Thread: Expectations for this year's draft class

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    Expectations for this year's draft class

    Given the current lockout situation and the uncertainty over when players and teams can even start talking to each other about football again, it's going to be even harder than usual for rookies to come in and make an immediate impact in the league this year.

    Do you think that this will factor in to who teams pick (Jets or otherwise)? I mean, if you're looking for a guy who's going to start day one, he's going to need to pick things up even quicker than a normal rookie, so changing positions and learning significantly different schemes is going to be especially difficult.

    And what do you think it means for the Jets in particular? I don't see how anyone we draft, even in Rd 1, is going to come in and start for us. I think the best we can hope for is a guy who can make an impact in some sub-packages, but who is not a full time starter - at least at first. It was tough enough last year for any of our rookies to see much real playing time (due in part to us already having a strong starting roster). But this year I just can't see us getting anyone who can come in and start at ANY position.

    I just hope we don't hear the "bust" term being applied within the first few weeks just because of this ...

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    Lockout will have a major impact on rookie preformance. All teams expect a contabution from 1st and 2nd round draft picks (excluding QB). As it is now no rookie camps, players not getting playbooks and no classroom work. On field results of draft pick will be limmited in my opinion.


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